Hi there. My name is Sam. I’m probably busy right now using a spreadsheet for a hobby project that doesn’t need one. Or walking a dog we named after the second-worst highway in Austin, Mopac.

I like to learn how to do things, write down what I learned, and share those notes here. However, I spend more time lately writing goofy stories about growing up in in Texas or living in Portugal.

I’m an Austinite, but I left my hometown in 2019 to help open Cloudflare’s office in Lisbon, Portugal. What was supposed to be a one year assignment has evolved into an open-ended tenure for me and my family. We like it here and I think you would too - we’re hiring!

I’m the VP of Product at Cloudflare for our Zero Trust group. The Cloudflare Zero Trust suite helps teams of any size stay safe without slowing them down. I had the opportunity to be the Product Manager for many of the products in this group back in the day. Now I spend all of my time working with the brilliant Product Managers and Directors of Product in my team as we obsess over how to use Cloudflare’s network to solve the security challenges that plague all organizations.

Before Cloudflare I spent half a decade as a Product Manager in the Austin office of ESW Capital. I spent my time helping acquire and improve software companies of all sizes through our DevFactory arm. And prior to my time with the ESW Capital group of companies I worked for Ron Ginor, medical technology investor, doing a little bit of everything as we built and bought and invested in healthcare businesses.

The profile image on this site was created by the spectacular Kari Linder.